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Of road hogs; and BNS parking

Published:Saturday | March 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Of road hogs; and BNS parking

While walking across a minor road, I was hit in the side by a road hog driving a black Mitsubishi car. This was because he couldn't wait for me to get across the road that he wanted to enter from Half-Way Tree Road.

I thought about reporting the matter to the police, but wised up, for if they don't even investigate robberies in which illegal guns are used, what are the chances of them investigating an incident in which the weapon used is, I assume, a legal motor vehicle?

Anyway, it happened at the slip road by BNS and Premier Plaza that has been captured by mainly illegal taxi operators right under nose of the police in Half-Way Tree. But we often hear that a number of the taxis, legal and illegal, are owned/operated by police anyway, so no wonder road infractions and indiscipline are the norm. I wonder if this new Government is up to the task of turning back the creeping anarchy that is threatening to totally engulf the country? I guess only time will tell.

And talking about the Bank of Nova Scotia. Do they really respect their customers? I ask the question since at the brand new branch at Constant Spring Road, all the parking areas near the entrance are reserved for the bank staff (with two spaces for disabled persons), leaving their 'valuable customers' to walk long distances to get into the branch, come rain or shine! I wonder if the staff would have a job if there were no customers?