Mon | Jan 22, 2018

Toll rates are absolute madness!

Published:Saturday | March 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I am lodging a potent objection to both the present and proposed highway toll rates.

The contract to establish highways in Jamaica was built on a faulty premise. No proper assessment of the cost to the taxpayer was done. This centred on the whims of political purveyors to score mileage in retaining power and to feather their nests.

Politicians always carry Jamaicans for a ride as they tap into chronic Anancyism. They know Jamaicans won't protest the rates.

The latest round of charges is nonsensical and outrageous. There is no country in the world that could afford such ridiculous charges. Those who proposed the charges are making a serious attempt at highway robbery.

I suggest that a meeting be called to renegotiate the existing faulty contract platform which will not help either party as it stands as, if people can't afford the rates, there will be little income from the road.

Engage a marketer to estimate the expected traffic flow and reduce the price using the simple economic formula of supply and demand. The lower the price, the greater the demand. The objective is to entice 85 per cent of road users to ply the highway. Here you can make money on the basis of small profit and high demand.

To insist on this ridiculous price structure is madness, as it constitutes a most unconscionable insult to our people. Can you estimate the downward economic spiral this will cause in Jamaica?