Tue | Sep 25, 2018

Let's rethink more than DPP

Published:Tuesday | March 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Matondo Mukulu, in his guest column of Sunday, March 20, titled 'DPP - time for a rethink?', has put forward a reasoned argument for changes to the Constitution as it concerns the office of the director of public prosecutions. The arguments are bolstered by the appropriate references to the Constitution, all having merit for the argument for a "rethink".

I believe Mr Mukulu's argument can be applied to many other sections of the Constitution and their relevance to Jamaica today, in particular, a fixed election date, the role of the member of parliament, and direct election of senators and prime minister.

These very pressing matters are affecting the core of governance, because they remove the public from the process of installing the best persons to manage the nation's business in the interest of the Jamaican people.

In light of the current circumstances in Jamaica, I wonder if Mr Mukulu would take an interest in participating in a constitutional panel to review the current constitutional arrangement. Knowing the benefits of the current constitution to the ruling class made up of politicians and business people, I believe that none of them will be willing to undertake any constitutional reform.

A convened citizen-based group with the country's interest in mind must be the change we, the public, want to see. It would be interesting to know if a group of our learned legal minds would undertake such an activity for Jamaica, and I think I would like Mr Mukulu to be on the public's side.