Tue | Jan 23, 2018

The problem of weaves

Published:Thursday | March 24, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I note the trend among some of our black women of adding extensions/weaves to their heads, supposedly to appear more attractive, with long, flowing hair to their elbows and backs.

Unfortunately, most black women with extensions/weaves appear more unattractive in my eyes as they often glue or sew in much more hair than anyone could have naturally, giving themselves an aged, tired and obviously fake appearance.

Quite apart from the ugly look of extensions/weaves is the matter of hygiene. Often, I see women with extensions/weaves slapping their heads in attempt to ease an itchy scalp. Shouldn't they, instead, go home and remove the dirty weaves and wash their hair and scalp properly?

Why are black women capitulating to the allure of long, fake hair? Is your own short but real hair so ugly to you in your own eyes?

What I find most sad is that manufacturers of false hair in China are making a fortune off black women's vulnerability - the desire to have long, flowing hair.

I love my own hair. I would not add extensions even if I were paid to do so.

Martha Brae