Wed | Aug 15, 2018

The terrorists on our roads

Published:Saturday | March 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM
The driver of this Hiace minibus was caught illegally overtaking a truck at a pedestrian crossing along Spanish Town Road on Saturday, May 30, 2015. Letter writer D.B. is urging the Holness administration to vigorously take on the terrorists of the roads.

D.B., Kingston

I am pleading with the minister of transport and works and the head of the police Traffic Division to help put an end to the level of terrorism on our roadways, especially in and around the Corporate Area.

The level of indiscipline among the drivers of buses (especially of the Coasters) and taxis is appalling. These intransigent individuals have no regard for life or property. I love my country, but I believe I am not alone when I say we cannot take it anymore. We will not take it anymore!

My day-to-day commute is met with bullyism, fear and shock at the things my family and I witness on the roads. Those drivers don't use the roadways properly. They do not stay in their lanes like law-abiding citizens. Instead, they drive on the soft shoulders, across the medians in dual carriageways, and undertake your vehicle perilously and overtake around corners so oncoming traffic has to brake up suddenly.

They run red lights and drive at high speed on the opposite side of the road into oncoming traffic and having the audacity to honk their horns until you come out of their way, and to cuss you out when you relent. There are bus drivers and cabbies that don't even bother to indicate when changing a lane; they just force you out of your lane and stare at you with such hate that you dare not toot your horn.

Let me not fail to mention the motorcyclists who do not even bother to slow down at the red light and who ride into oncoming traffic. They make U-turns everywhere they are not supposed to.

And should I mention the loud music and the dark tint on public passenger vehicles?

There has got to be a turning point with this level of misconduct and lawlessness on our roads. This Government must take charge, as the previous one failed us immensely. They held no one accountable for anything and simply allowed things to get out of control.

Have you even noticed the nasty individuals who casually relieve themselves and toss trash anywhere they want? This has got to stop if we are to even come close to the aim of achieving Vision 2030!

My hope is that the Andrew Holness-led Government will take a stand to make the tough decisions and enact stricter penalties on those who break the law. Have more plain-clothes police personnel drive around in unmarked vehicles. Institute dashboard cameras as a standard for service vehicles. Set up CCTV cameras at all stop lights in the Corporate Area.

I believe it is time for our beautiful island Jamaica to step into the 21st Century and be on the road to becoming a First World country. The current level of lawlessness will most certainly taint our future.