Sun | Aug 19, 2018

Will Portia repeat Seaga's errors?

Published:Saturday | March 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM


'Portia faces life', published in The Sunday Gleaner on March 20, 2016, was a great article!

What scares me, though, is that Portia Simpson Miller is going to make the very same mistake that Edward Seaga made after he lost the general election in 1989. Mr Seaga won one election (1980) - not counting the uncontested 1983 poll - and Portia has won one (2011).

P.J. Patterson was successful in 1993, 1997 and 2002 because Jamaicans may have felt that putting a white man back in Jamaica House was too reminiscent of supporting slavery (not because of anything magical by P.J.).

Fast-forward to 2021. Portia will be 75 years old, with her only claim to fame being "I LOVE THE POOR", and will have served as MP for a constituency for 36 out of 45 years where the popular items on the agenda are skin-bleaching, tattoos and teenage pregnancy.

If Portia wants to energise the People's National Party, the best way to do it is for people like herself, Omar Davies, et al to make way for vibrant people like Damion Crawford, Imani Duncan Price, and others.