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Letter of the day: Why don't Jehovah’s Witnesses celebrate Easter?

Published:Monday | March 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Easter is considered to be a very good time to be religious and to celebrate the resurrection of God's son, Jesus Christ. And why not? It brings families together and people are allowed to reflect on spiritual things.

However, the Witnesses may be one of the few religious groups which do not concur. They are mostly seen to be no part of the normal practices of society. They have also been targeted because of their closed-circuit brotherhood, and their jargons and use of terms are not easily understood by everyone.

They are, however, approachable and can be seen at least once each month knocking at your door. Take the opportunity and ask the relevant questions.

A Jehovah's Witness will shy away from persons who they deem to seek information that they think may mar their organisation.

But on the topic of Easter, why don't they celebrate? Well, they believe that Easter celebration is not from the teachings of the Bible.

They refer to Jesus' commandments to commemorate his death, but not his resurrection. They will even give scriptural evidence to prove their beliefs. They, however, observe the Passover every year on the anniversary of His death, according to the date it falls on in reference to the Bible's lunar calendar after sundown on Nisan 14. At this celebration, there is the practice of passing around unfermented loaves of bread, a symbol of Jesus' body, and red wine, a symbol of His blood.

Jehovah's Witnesses use the term 'practical wisdom and thinking ability' to explain their reasoning behind not celebrating this and other traditional holidays.

Laurene Ward