Thu | Apr 26, 2018

Make space for schools, security in housing developments

Published:Monday | March 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM


It has long been noticed, the chronic lack of adequate primary- and secondary-school spaces available in our country. Along with this, security seems to be an afterthought. I would like to suggest a possible solution which can be discussed and refined by the various stakeholders.

It should be a requirement for any new housing development to include space identified for security and education. These lands so identified need to be centrally located or easily accessible. The facilities must be designed to accommodate the size of the expected population, with room for growth over time.

The developer should be required to construct the facilities through some cost-sharing with the various ministries so the benefit of expertise and any economies of scale can be utilised. Also, the developer's cost (and provable cost only) could be applied as an offset against taxes on the sale of the residential properties. This is to allow for the developer's profitability and the residents' affordability.

The developer may also be compensated through lease or rental of the facilities to the associated ministries. Once the cost is recovered, the facilities would become the property of the government.

This suggestion is for the benefit of the Jamaican people and all are invited to discuss this.

Cleve Rattray