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Don't legislate holiness; live it

Published:Tuesday | March 29, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The Church is not an organ of government. And where governments seek to define the Church in law, they are frankly out of their depth.

The Church was established by Jesus Christ and is defined by Him. Jesus is the sole authority of the Church, because whatever the law may say, my function as a member of the Church is dictated by Scripture, not by man's law.

I worry when the Church seeks to depend on government to allow its influence to be felt. For me, the discussion about the

buggery law is not one of whether or not homosexuality is wrong - BECAUSE IT IS WRONG; it is a question of whether or not one should have the freedom to choose if he commits sin.

The function of Government isn't to seek to prohibit sin (that is the remit of the Church as it seeks to influence people to choose God's law), but to create protective boundaries within which individual citizens will have equal rights of self-expression.

My position on homosexuality is both natural and scriptural. I am unapologetically heterosexual. It is an expression of my faith. Now, does the fact that because one chooses another kind of orientation, one's rights should be reduced or taken away?

As much as I hate to say it, the buggery law effectively takes the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil out of the Garden of Eden, and man has no freedom of choice.

What we must seek to do is what God did: Seek to persuade human beings to do the right thing. You don't legislate righteousness; you live and preach it.