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Gov't websites not updated

Published:Wednesday | March 30, 2016 | 12:00 AM


It has been a month now since the general election took place and I am deeply concerned that the official head shot photos and biographies of our ministers are not available for viewing on their respective ministry websites.

Why does it have to take over a month for this to take place? I went on the Ministry of National Security website, and if I didn't know what the minister looked like before; there was no way to tell. I do not know what the state minister looks like, so I went there to find out, and his photo wasn't there.

It was a similar situation on the Ministry of Finance website. None of the ministers had their photographs present. The only person who had a photograph up was the financial secretary. This is carelessness and negligence.

Another matter of concern is the fact that the Jamaica Information Service and the Parliament have yet to publish the profiles and official photographs of all parliamentarians from both houses.

In 2016, it should not have to take over a month for these things to be in place. It's modern times now; people need the information, and we need to know about those who are representing us.

There needs to be a dedicated group of individuals who are updating the various government websites regularly so that they reflect accurate and comprehensive information. Too much nonsense happens in this country and people are just sucking it up. People are paid by taxpayers to keep us informed, and we aren't getting the service that we are paying for.

It would be silly to blame the ministers, but those who have responsibility for information in the various ministries must do better at communicating using all forms.