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Save Kingston from commercial encroachment

Published:Saturday | April 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Utter frustration and a creeping sense of despair have forced me to resort to writing this letter.

As a society, we often feel helpless to stem the tide of lawlessness that overwhelms us. We cower in fear in our vehicles as taxi operators manhandle us on the roads, while policemen sit blithely by.

We watch helplessly as vendors set up shop outside our walls and bemoan our depreciating property value. We cover our heads with pillows to drown out the pounding sound systems, as calls to the police are futile. And still we pay taxes, or face the courts.

A country is only as strong as its governance, and despite all the laws that have been passed, nothing is enforceable. This brings me to the current issue. An illegal metal fabrication shop has popped up in my community, in the vicinity of Red Hills Boulevard, where it intersects with Hughenden Avenue. Repeated calls have been made to the authorities, to no avail. This quiet community now has to contend with industrial noises best suited to Spanish Town Road.

Clearly, the powers that be are unaware of the 'Broken Windows Syndrome', where the first sign of neglect or deterioration in a neighbourhood swiftly leads to downhill scenario where things get increasingly out of control. This is what happened in Richmond Park, where they quickly lost the fight against the illegal garages. Who is to say it can't happen in Constant Spring, Norbrook, the Golden Triangle?

Will the government entities responsible for enforcing zoning laws investigate this matter before one more community becomes a ghetto?