Sat | Mar 17, 2018

Shaw up the creek without a paddle

Published:Wednesday | April 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM


While many of us are not too surprised by the finance minister, Audley Shaw's, assertion that the new Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Government has run into problems with regard to its plan to implement the $1.5-million tax-relief promise that it made, many of us were somewhat shocked by the lame excuse that he has given.

Somehow, the former Public Accounts Committee chairman, who was supposed to be detail-checking how taxpayers' money was being spent, somehow did not know that the money the JLP was planning to use to make that tax promise a reality has been spent. I wonder if Mr Shaw really believes that we are buying that!

Anyway, Mr Shaw's so-called discovery has strengthened the belief of many who had always said that that promised tax relief was not genuine and that the JLP is now trying to wriggle its way out of its promise. Many are now sure that the JLP only made that promise so that it could trick the electorate into voting the party into power. As we can see, that promise is, by far, the main reason why the JLP won those elections.

The problem with the JLP Government, however, is that it now is in a serious bind. Whether that promise was some trick or a genuine commitment is now neither here nor there. Many people have already taken the JLP at its word and had already made plans for the extra money. As such, the JLP has been placed in a position that demands that it must make good on that promise.

Remember the promise Mr Shaw made to the nurses in respect of doubling their pay in 2007?

For the sake of Mr Shaw and the JLP, that tax relief had better come to pass - with no new or increased taxes!

We are indeed in for some very interesting times ahead!