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T&T boycott long overdue

Published:Wednesday | April 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The recent outrage and calls to boycott products from Trinidad and Tobago are long overdue. Yet, action without purpose is futile and foolish.

What is the ultimate end one is acting to achieve by said boycott?? Too often the people of Jamaica are disrespected by other nations and nothing is done about it, hence the current state of affairs.

This issue with T&T and others goes deeper than simply a boycott. The national pride of our entire nation is at stake. Consumerism is directly tied to nationalism, which MUST never be compromised for the sake of politics. The people of Jamaica deserve better.

It's quite simple. When outsiders are allowed to routinely disrespect our citizens, the very products offered by those same citizens will be devalued, not just financially, but psychologically. How they perceive you will affect how they perceive what you have to offer.

A quick glance at the supermarket shelves reveals that T&T products overwhelm those locally produced. This isn't the case in T&T, where Jamaican products are barely offered or imported.

As a consumer advocate, I implore ALL Jamaicans to take collective action against any person or nation that depends on our dollars for their prosperity and which disrespects our citizens here or abroad.

Enough is enough! What is your worth? What you stand for is equally as important as what you won't stand for.


President, Consumers

Intervention of Jamaica