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Letter of the Day: Perfect place, time for Sammy's scolding of WICB

Published:Friday | April 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Contrary to the view expressed in The Gleaner's editorial titled 'Sammy's lack of judgement, decorum', published Wednesday, April 6, 2016, Darren Sammy chose precisely the right time and place to critique the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), which very many people throughout the Caribbean consider inept, inefficient, and ineffective. Had he not done so, the board would have wrapped itself, and basked, in the recent international victories of our three teams (Under-19, women's, and men's), and sought to vindicate itself and its actions.

The "dirty linen" to which The Gleaner refers needed to be shown to the world for what it is: dirty. Such exposure needs to be as broad as possible if fundamental change is ever to come to the management of West Indies cricket, for the board has repeatedly demonstrated its unwillingness, perhaps its inability, to reform itself.

Sammy, therefore, should be fulsomely applauded, not chastised, for putting this squarely and openly on the table of the Caribbean people and our governments. And again, contrary to the image your editorial attempts to portray, he did so thoughtfully and in good taste, though clearly marked by the pain and hurt felt by the players on account of the way they think the board has treated them.

By contrast, neither "taste" nor "decorum" can be used to describe the tweet by the board's president in response to Sammy's remarks.

Sammy's comments intensify the urgency for CARICOM governments to act with a view to ridding the region of this institutional relic. Though its officers have changed over time, we must never forget that the WICB is an undemocratic product of a colonial, race-based oligarchy whose authoritarian management culture and modus operandi have endured despite the removal of the words 'of Control' from its title.

Neither the institution nor its ways are any longer acceptable in the 21st-century Caribbean. Time come for change!

So, thank you, Darren Sammy, both for your service to West Indies cricket and for your timely and thoughtful remarks to the region and the world.