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Calling for national day of prayer

Published:Saturday | April 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Jamaica has had a change of government. There were two significant features in the February 25 election: first, the remarkable level of friendship and cordiality displayed between rival supporters; and second, the unique (for Jamaica) one-seat majority in Parliament.

Already we are beginning to see the seeds of potential legislative conflict and a hung Parliament. The People's National Party (PNP) is smarting from its unexpected defeat and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is struggling to fulfil its election promises.

All in all, we have a potentially dangerous situation and not one that might be conducive to national unity. But Jamaica is a lot more than a hung Parliament. We are a nation that has forgotten God, turned our backs on our Christian heritage, and allowed a society to be developed where crime and violence has become our No. 1 problem.

I call on three community leaders - Dr Stevenson Samuels, president of the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast, with a wide Christian base; Andrew Holness, leader of the JLP, and Portia Simpson Miller, leader of the PNP, to join together and call the nation to prayer and repentance and to national unity.

We have enough problems and items for prayer that can unite us. We have much to confess and there are many blessings we can pray for.

But the call is not just to the politically involved, but rather to every sector of the community. Each sector could organise its activities in cities, towns, parishes and rural communities so that the message and involvement is truly nationwide, with earnestness. It has to be for rich and poor, town and country.

I am suggesting a Friday (perhaps May 20), as the event could be spread into the weekend.

This is a unique opportunity for a nation to return to God and look for his blessings.


President Emeritus, UTech