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Retreat to advance cricket

Published:Saturday | April 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Heartiest congratulations to our cricket teams (male and female) who gave West Indies cricket a moment of glory in India on April 3. They won the two ICC T20 World Cups! As your fans, we are ecstatic about the feat - a Cinderella-like plot - and we want to see you build on that.

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) appears to be similarly ecstatic and has announced the unprecedented gesture of giving to the players involved all of the prize money (US$1.60 million) that came from the tour.

Congratulations to that body, too, for doing what seems to be the extending of an olive branch to the players. Darren Sammy, WI T20 captain, could heighten the euphoria if he would publicly apologise to the embattled WICB and fans for his boorish utterances made at the press interview after the game.

The performances of both teams may be a providential opportunity for representatives of all the stakeholders to meet and iron out, once and for all, the wrinkles that have been working against West Indies cricket for many decades.

The time for the blame game is past and done with. It is time for serious business among equals. Therefore, I recommend that the CARICOM Subcommittee on Cricket convene a retreat to be chaired by an individual like Professor Hilary Beckles and comprising representatives from the following interests:

(i) The WICB;

(ii) WIPA or designated player representatives;

(iii) CARICOM Subcommittee;

(iv) Territorial cricket associations; and

(v) Cricket fans.

The objective is to arrive at a binding, workable and acceptable formula that accommodates the vital cricket needs and relevant inputs of each group represented, while ensuring that West Indies cricket remains vibrant and unifying. We can succeed at this if we bury greed, selfishness and insularity.