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Hacking the trees to smithereens

Published:Tuesday | April 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM


For the past three years, having returned to Kingston, I have been hoping that someone else would have noticed the disappearance of the beautiful boulevard on Marescaux Road and on Duke Street, but the trees continue to disappear or to be so severely hacked that they lose their natural conformation, providing neither beauty nor shade to the city. Worse, despite talk of energy efficiency, this is being done with imported fuel in a situation of increasing drought.

I cannot remain silent any longer, so I have sent letters to the prime minister, in his role of minister of economic growth and job creation; the minister of local government, who has responsibility for the National Solid Waste Management Authority; and the group managing director of the National Commercial Bank, whose properties are being negatively impacted.

Copies of the letters have also been sent to The Gleaner with the hope that the newspaper will investigate this matter.