Sat | Mar 24, 2018

Boyne's flawed analysis of Portia's tenure

Published:Wednesday | April 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM


In his Sunday Gleaner column, titled 'Portia and the two Peters', published April 10, 2016, Ian Boyne continued his covert crusade to have Portia Simpson Miller remain the head of the People's National Party (PNP). He is doing this through some very flawed analyses.

For example, he asserts that while the general electorate may have rejected Portia, she is still the favourite of the delegates - the body that decides who heads the party. Without the imposition of any special interests, it should be a tenable hypothesis that if a group of 100 persons vote against an issue, it is likely that reducing that number should have the same result.

Another massive mistake Mr Boyne's analyses contain is the fact that when Mrs Simpson Miller won her first leadership race, the delegates of the PNP never experienced the bitter taste of political defeat for 17 long years; and only once in 20 years when she won her second leadership race.

Additionally, at the time of her second leadership win, the delegates were only able to assess her performance as prime minister for only a short while - a period they felt was not enough to truly gauge her ability to govern.

But after witnessing Mrs Simpson Miller's pathetic leadership, both at the level of the party and the country, for four agonising years, a fiasco characterised by her failure to articulate clear political and economic policies and model that the nation needs to pursue; her failure to provide direction to the party, especially in times of crises; and her propensity for being missing in action, it is going to be hard to convince anyone that Mrs Simpson Miller can count on 25 per cent of the delegates to be in her corner.


It cannot be beyond the capacity of Mrs Simpson Miller to realise that her continued hold on the leadership of the party is perhaps causing irreversible harm to that august movement. Therefore, if she loves the party half as much as she likes to boast, please, Madame, make your exit, post haste.

And speaking of irreversible harm, that might have already been done. Given the electoral mauling of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) by the PNP in terms of seats won since the 1989-2016 general elections - JLP 144 seats and PNP 284 seats - this Andrew Holness administration is faced with no other choice than to turn in a superlative performance.

By the way, has anyone noticed how Mrs Simpson Miller has suddenly become accessible to the media? Is this an indication of reinventing herself? In that case, somebody needs to remind her that 'wah gone bad a morning can't come good a evenin'.