Sun | Jul 15, 2018

Don't get so testy, Mr Shaw

Published:Wednesday | April 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Has the new minister of finance, Audley Shaw, gone out to lunch? I am forced to ask this question based on reports in the media quoting Mr Shaw as saying that he is frustrated with the naysayers of the promised $1.5-million tax break which the Jamaica Labour Party Government failed to implement on April 1 to which the party had committed in its bid to win the confidence of the Jamaican electorate.

Is Mr Shaw saying that persons should not question whether or not this plan will be implemented, even after we have now realised that he misrepresented the truth about the money that was supposed to be in a special tax fund?

I honestly believe that Jamaicans are extremely humble about this tax plan that never came to fruition and it would please Mr Shaw to show some humility just the same. I am wondering if Mr Shaw is now cursing the Jamaican people for being patient and asking questions about the implementation and viability of this tax plan.

The Government must come clean and admit to the epic blunder that is being polished off as delay. The deflecting is giving rise to the suspicion that they never did due diligence or the commitment was just outright political gluttony.

I urge Mr Shaw to not rubbish the concerns of naysayers, but to come forward and indicate, before the Budget, how the Government plans to proceed.




Toronto, Ontario