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Disgusted with arrogant PNP

Published:Friday | April 15, 2016 | 11:02 PM

Disgusted with

arrogant PNP

Why are we forever shortchanged by the caprice, selfishness and insularity of political mendicants on both sides of the divide?

Word has emerged that the promised tax threshold proposal by the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is turning out to be a monumental burden to the State, despite warnings that were proffered.

This is an indication that the JLP's promise was a campaign ploy designed to snare an unsuspecting cadre of victims hard hit by fiscal pressures applied under the People's National Party (PNP) administration.

Even more egregious and telling are the vindictive smirks by PNP functionaries that Jamaicans, likely to be deprived of this well-needed tax break, have been fooled, suggesting that Jamaicans are dumb and gullible.

While I hold no brief for the JLP and its slate of promises, I am utterly disgusted with the arrogant attitude of the PNP, whose functionaries have supposedly believed that the February 25 election was lost, through no fault of theirs.

For that arrogant bunch, it is either the biased approach by the media or the stupidity of Jamaicans that cost them the election.

Comrades have been so taken with themselves that they are absolutely confident that Jamaican voters will 'come to their senses' the next time around. Don't bet on it if that arrogant approach to governance continues.