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Does PM distrust information minister?

Published:Friday | April 15, 2016 | 12:08 AM


The clandestine manner in which Everald Warmington was sworn in as a state minister shows that the CIA and Russian KGB have nothing on the Government of Jamaica. The media weren't even invited to cover the event!

This must be condemned by the Press Association of Jamaica, civil society and every well-thinking Jamaican. Because of Mr Warmington's history of uncouth and boorish behaviour, it seems that the prime minister knew the swearing-in would have caused a stir, so I guess his answer to that was to install him as a state minister, then disseminate the information after the fact.

This has now cast doubts on the prime minister's claim of transparency, good governance and a change in political style. If you believe that your choice was right, why would you, first, not announce the decision to appoint Mr Warmington, and second, conduct it secretly away from the glare of the media. Not even Holness' minister of information was informed about the decision.

This was not a lodge meeting, the meeting of some other secret society, a fraternity, or even a board meeting for a privately owned company. Hence the independent media houses should have been there to capture the event, file reports as to what happened, and interview the newly appointed minister!

To have denied the people this right is not only indecent and high-handed, but smacks of arrogance. The decision to appoint Mr Warmington should have been made public.

What should also be of great concern to every citizen is that the minister of information Senator Ruel Reid, was unaware that Mr Warmington had been sworn in. This does not spell well for the Government. Is it that the decision was taken unilaterally by the PM and he didn't deem it necessary to inform the members of his Cabinet, or he can't trust everyone, so only some persons were informed?

The JLP had sworn in Sally Porteous as custos of Manchester in the same manner - secretly - and barred the media from attending, so apparently it's the modus operandi for this Government.

Jamaicans must voice their disgust and disappointment with the actions of the GOJ n this matter.