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Blame Gov’t for not briefing Reid

Published:Monday | April 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM


When the Jamaica Labour Party took office in March, I was pleased to see that Ruel Reid was made minister of education. I have had first-hand experience of his skills as an educator and administrator

When I realised that he was also made information minister, I wondered to myself if he was going to be given the chance to effectively make his mark in his core field.

In no time, I realised that my fears were on target.

Mr Reid, a distinguished Jamaican, is being portrayed as a comic figure by the cartoonists, because it is clear to any keen observer that, many times when he has to go to a press briefing, he is either rushing from another meeting, with no time for a proper briefing, or the Government does not have a proper system of disseminating information, even to the responsible minister.

It is painful for us who know him to sit by and watch this illustrious Jamaican have his reputation sullied in this way.

The prime minister can do better. There are more than enough ministers at Jamaica House who could relieve him of the post of information minister, because we have neither seen nor heard from them.

I would say to Mr Reid, stand up for yourself. Do not allow the general public to get the impression that you are inept, for you certainly are not.