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Get radical in curbing road crashes

Published:Monday | April 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Motor vehicle accidents claimed the lives of seven people in Trelawny in one week alone, indicative of the appalling carnage that continues on Jamaican roads.

Many of the accidents can be attributed to speeding buses and taxis, youthful joyrides, incorrect or impatient overtaking, and speeding.

Stiffer measures need to be immediately put in place to deter the reckless use of the road. Here are some suggestions:

1. Surviving drivers of fatal accidents should lose their licence to operate a motor vehicle for at least five years, depending on the number of casualties.

2. Establish a standard charge for every accident for which the police are called to investigate. The fee should be paid at the tax collectorate.

3. Government should provide a reasonable driving surface.

4. Restore all souped-up vehicles to manufacturer ratings and specifications, including restoring the correct mufflers.

5. Change the current minimum speed limit, as modern vehicles are not efficient or proficiently handled at the current 50km/h. (Sometimes it is a distracting struggle to maintain that speed.).

6. Use a special colour code in place of the dividing white lines at points along the journey to indicate the speed limit of that particular area.

Jamaica cannot afford to continue to lose so many of our valuable human resources through avoidable accidents.