Fri | Jan 19, 2018

Sandrea Falconer deserved hatchet job

Published:Tuesday | April 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Would your editorial page editor Andre Wright be good enough to reprint the article he published on the previous information minister? The former minister, it must be noted, was held in equally high esteem by her party colleagues, the media and the public at large.

You see, one has to assume Mr Wright wrote a piece on the former minister, given her illustrious time at the wicket. Among her commendable innovations was the practice of packing the post-Cabinet press briefings with people who heckled and intimidated journalists brave enough to ask questions they did not like.

One remembers well the complaints of TVJ's Dara Smith and Nationwide's Abka Fitz-Henley, who suffered under a hail of abuse from the mystery group of post-Cab attendees who were neither journalists nor spokespersons from ministries, departments and agencies. The practice ran counter to the accepted standard for Post-Cab briefings, and was often described as unprofessional by a veteran journalist and radio talk-show host familiar with post-Cab best practices.

If a similar review of Ms Falconer's four-year stewardship was not done, it would raise questions about Mr Wright's motivation to zero in on the new minister's five-week stint. At the very least, one would've thought Mr Wright would've commended this information minister for being available and not ducking the media.


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