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Solve street vending problem to benefit all

Published:Monday | April 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Councillor Glendon Harris, vending had its place in the once brutally barbaric era, slavery. So what of today's society?

I believe that for any society to truly operate efficiently, a hallmark of such must be a combined effort to adhere to prescribed regulations.

Equally, that very society would be tantamount to hell in the absence of equity. And I beg to ask, how balanced are the actions of the St James Parish Council?

I hate to see the weak and powerless being oppressed by those placed in authority.

The hostility and 'buttuh' practice of treating citizens of St. James as stray dogs need to stop. They are citizens first and vendors after.

While no one is against law and order, Mr Mayor, there must be balance. Who are the beneficiaries of those produce that are often grabbed from vendors and deposited in the 'abyss' of that famous truck?

Recently, at the national security ministry's townhall meeting in Montego Bay, it was alluded to that there needs to be greater cooperation between the citizens and the police. But how beneficial are these actions in achieving this?

While there are obvious pros and cons to street vending, you and your team at the St James Parish Council have yet to propose a holistic approach to solving this problem, one that is beneficial to both citizens/vendors and the arm of Government that you represent.

This is the only "bread and butter" means that those citizens depend on in enabling their child/children to be able to 'nyam a food' or get an opportunity to rise from poverty.

Councillor Harris, I eagerly await your response. Shall we "unite for change".

Clinton Rattray

UWI student