Thu | Oct 18, 2018

What's with the Holness haters?

Published:Tuesday | April 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM


So, the Comrades are on the field, Captain Andrew Holness is at the crease, and they are bowling everything at him. Even though he has been standing at the crease for a relatively short period, those on the field and some clad in orange in the grandstand are encouraging him to hit sixes, not because they want him to score big, but just to mishit one so he can be caught or be stumped.

He seems to have been frustrating them, because he has been holding his own, focused on getting in rhythm so he can play more expansive strokes. So frustrated they have been, they seem to have started to bowl the no-balls, and so they bowl them, so the dodges and ducks them.

One should be fair and rational in one's expectation of Prime Minister Andrew Holness. The Jamaica Labour Party has not been in government for not even seven weeks as yet, and so many people are expecting everything to be done; things that if the People's National Party were to be in power, they wouldn't have expected. Yes, Mr Holness did talk about raising the level of expectation in the country, but some have taken it too far.

Now is the time to try to help him to be effective so that the country can further benefit. So when I see people like Richard Crawford getting uptight with Mr Holness' post on social media, I cringe and sigh, because that is nothing to get uptight about.

Mr Holness and his administration deserve some space to get everything in order and those seemingly clamouring for everything to be done all at once should afford them that.