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Gleaner's injustice to ISCF

Published:Friday | April 29, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I write in response to a disturbing news article published by The Gleaner on April 27, 2016 titled 'ISCF dying in schools'. The Jamaica Gleaner has really done ISCF an injustice.

The news article opens: "The Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCF) clubs, which once existed in abundance in schools, is now dying a slow and painful death due to a decrease in participation from both teachers and students." A simple fact check will show that this is most certainly not true!

The ISCF is, in fact, alive and well, with more than 200 volunteer staff advisers in high schools, colleges and universities all over Jamaica. The article seemed to be based in the comments made by Marcia McCausland-Wilson, the general secretary of the National Parent-Teacher Association of Jamaica, who expressed concern regarding an apparent terminal decline in ISCF activity in schools.

But where is the voice of the actual organisation? Were they even contacted? Wouldn't a representative of ISCF be the best person to respond to these damaging remarks? Isn't there a need for actual evidence before an article like this is published?

This is sad. Things are very difficult in schools, but the statements expressed here as truth, with NO ACTUAL information/evidence, are upsetting and false, to say the least. Yes, ISCF, like many organisations, needs finances and volunteers, but the position presented here is not based on representative facts.

Having said that, this does have the potential to cause more people to get more involved in the life of ISCF. I encourage past ISCFers like myself to:

1. Call and visit your former ISCF.

2. Volunteer as a staff sponsor or at general events.

3. Pray daily for ISCF.

4. Support financially.

I would like to invite The Gleaner to uphold the highest standards of journalism, as I am sure a representative from ISCF stands ready and willing to respond to any questions asked.

Thanks to all the hard-working ISCF staff members, sponsors and youth executive members across the country.


Youth Advocate,

Former ISCF-er