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Exploit mineral water attractions

Published:Tuesday | May 3, 2016 | 12:04 AM


Every effort must be made to develop our natural mineral-water resources like the Milk River Bath and the St Thomas Bath Fountain.

Our mineral waters have international reputation as the best in the world, yet these indigenous economic resources have been neglected by both political administrations. The following strategy for their development should be adopted:

1. Engage a full marketing survey to establish local and international demand for the product.

2. Using these data, design an aggressive marketing programme to introduce the product to all tourists.

Milk River is strategically located in central Jamaica. However, the road network leading to the facility is in a deplorable condition that renders it cumbersome and dangerous for driving. There is no electricity for the major portion of the roads and the communities leading to the facility,

I recommend the following:

1. Have both roads leading to the facility fully developed and lit.

2. Make provisions for small multi-business booths strategically located along the way with light water and sanitary facilities.

3. This will encourage residential repopulation of this corridor.

4. Consult with the local populace and establish a multifaceted, intersectoral development board to plan and implement the economic transformation.

5. Expand the number of baths and create a mineral-water swimming pool to facilitate mass usage.

6. Embark upon a national campaign to inculcate the need to exploit the therapeutic virtues of mineral water.