Fri | Jul 20, 2018

Outraged at bloody reign of terror

Published:Wednesday | May 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I am saddened, disappointed and deeply dismayed at the spiralling wave of senseless murders in Jamaica.

The barbaric attacks on our people, including police personnel and missionaries who come to Jamaica to help the poor, are at unacceptable levels, and it can no longer be business as usual in Jamaica as far as national security and justice are concerned.

What kind of wild animals do we have living among us that viciously attack children, women, missionaries and other defenceless persons?

It is so thoroughly disheartening to know that American missionaries Harold Nichols and Randy Hentzel, who left their country to selflessly and tirelessly give of their time, skills and love in service to the poor and vulnerable in Jamaica, could have lost their precious lives so savagely at the hands of parasites posing as human beings. The wanton viciousness and cruelty upon our land are too much for us to bear!

It is very depressing and frightening to think that these savage criminals are known by people who have failed the human race by not coming forward to report these killers to the police.

We must unite to bring an immediate end to this frightening reign of terror!



National Democratic Movement