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Letter of the Day: Curriculum grooming kids to be sex-freedom lobbyists

Published:Friday | May 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Ronald Thwaites, opposition spokesperson on education and training, has offered further comments on the recent uproar over controversial sex-education curricula. He makes several points that require a response.

At the core of the scandal is Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). This curriculum is designed to sexualise children who were not involved in sexual behaviour beforehand, entrench the practices in those who are sexually active, and expose both categories of children to ideas and practices that are physically, socially, and morally harmful to both health and family life. That is the danger that Jamaica faces and must avoid.

As identified in the public online petition to the minister of education, Senator Ruel Reid, at least four instances advocating CSE have been identified across different stages of educational instruction in both public and private institutions. Besides HFLE and the JFJ course, there is a booklet titled 'UNICEF Teacher Training Manual Places of Safety Curriculum Guide', which is laden with promiscuity and 'gay life-promoting material' both in content and training resources. And several of the new Macmillan HFLE series for the primary level are as attractive as they are adept at grooming children's minds to become future lobbyists for sexual freedom without boundaries.

The sad fact is that these instances make clear that international agents have not backed off from forcing their freedom-at-the-expense-of-health philosophy. Jamaica's children have been and are being exposed!

Certainly, the content of sex education should address the reality of early initiation and children becoming parents and grandparents in some communities, but what is the correct information to communicate? Should it be information that will prevent repetition of that reality or information that encourages and affirms it?

Rev Thwaites appeals to Jamaicans to stop being held "hostage to homophobia in our schools and, instead, be promoters of healthy, respectful and happy relationships and family lives'.

If he means homophobia as has been used by LGBT activists, to mean any kind of opposition to LGBT lifestyles, it is nigh impossible to both be silent on the falsehoods surrounding gay lifestyles AND to concurrently promote healthy family relationships. The philosophies are mutually incompatible. We have got to choose one.


No evidence


In teaching the truth about human sexuality, we need to appreciate that there is no evidence anyone being born gay. Furthermore, those who counsel persons struggling with homosexual tendencies agree that there is an underlying emotional disorder that is in fact not happy and gay. Same-sex attraction arises out of a complex combination of factors, with triggers including sexual abuse, poor same-sex parent-child relationship, and gender confusion.

The incumbent minister of education must continue where Rev Thwaites left off when, in 2012, he firmly rejected any material that would groom and condition the minds of Jamaican children.

There needs to be a clear policy guideline on what we accept and what we reject. If not, we will be repeating history in another two years or less, as has happened before with HFLE rearing its head in schools in 2012, in children's homes in 2014 and in 2016 in places of safety and the Macmillan series for primary schools.


Advocacy Officer

Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society