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Missionaries' blood a mark of service

Published:Friday | May 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Christian missionaries who come to Jamaica build churches, schools and homes. They work in hospitals, dental clinics, and other clinics. They happily pour out themselves, live a simple life, and represent Christ and the Beatitudes, asking nothing in return.

What brought about the death of Harold Nichols, 53, and Randy Hentzel, 48? Some people don't believe in Satan, nor do they believe in hell. But I say there is a power at work in our island that is from Satan and hell. It is principalities and powers. Some of our people are suffering from devil possession.

On Wednesday, our brothers and I offered Mass for these martyrs who died in the field spreading God's love. We Catholics believe that those who are killed in action while doing God's evangelical work are automatically forgiven any sin they committed, and are lifted up to heaven by God. I believe this is the case of Harold Nichols and Randy Hentzel.

This is not unlike the two brothers, Marco and Suresh, who were murdered at 3 North Street in 2005 while serving a meal and afterwards washing dishes in honour of missionary brothers being sent to the homeless and destitute in Uganda and Kenya.

Messrs Nichols and Hentzel have been glorified by God. They are sacrificial lambs and their blood has been poured out in service of Christ and the poor of Jamaica. May they and their families be exalted. And may they see the beauty of their cross and suffering as joined to the act of Christ crucified, only to be raised up in the body of the risen Christ.


Founder, Missionaries of the Poor