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NWA must fix roads itself

Published:Friday | May 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The Public Works Department (PWD) was formerly responsible for directly repairing the roads across Jamaica as well as building new roads. They did a fantastic job over the period.

When P.J. Patterson came into office, his Government stupidly scrapped the PWD and established the National Works Agency (NWA), which gives out road-repair contracts to private operators who oftentimes do a shoddy job at road repair. Why doesn't the NWA purchase the necessary road-repair and road-construction equipment and do the job itself? This would save the Government billions of dollars per year.

Over the years, billions of dollars have been wasted on road repair by unprofessional contractors intent on using short cuts to squeeze more profit out of projects, with taxpayers not getting value for money.

This is a shameful state of affairs, and I am calling on the Jamaica Labour Party Government and minister responsible for works, Everald Warmington, to reform the NWA and give the agency the mandate to repair and build roads.

Reform the NWA and stop the practice of allocating work to road contractors who sometimes rip off the country.

We also need a comprehensive forensic audit of the NWA. Westmoreland has some of the worst roads in Jamaica.


Grange Hill PO, Westmoreland