Fri | Jan 19, 2018

Petrojam fuel hikes unfair

Published:Friday | May 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Oil has rebounded to roughly US$44 per barrel. In Jamaica, the recent price increases by Petrojam are not in line with global movements and the Gulf Index.

I've seen where, when the prices are driven down globally, the movement in our prices is minuscule. They usually range from $1 to $1.50; however, when the global prices increase, we see Petrojam hiking the gas prices by $2 to $3 per week. Another general observation I've also seen is that when there is silence about the gas market, all hell breaks loose, and Petrojam starts its reign of terror with its unfair price increases.

The temporary reprieve given to consumers in early January was just a ruse for the real price hikes, which are not in tandem with the world prices.


UWI, Mona