Fri | Apr 20, 2018

Tackle crime with technology

Published:Friday | May 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Despite every effort tried so far by the security forces, murders most horrible continue unabated. The fact is that Jamaica is at war with ruthless criminals. We must stop them.

I recommend that the following three strategies be implemented to curb crime.

1. The apprehension of criminals must be made more effective by the installation of CCTV surveillance cameras in strategic locations. The police must be made more mobile, and a message sent to the women (mothers, sisters, babymothers, etc.) in known areas where criminals hang out that it's no use howling for "justice" when their men are killed. If they continue to provide shelter for gunmen, their men will eventually be killed by a gang bullet. This message should be hammered into their heads. They must find ways to report criminal activity to the police, religious leaders, or members of parliament without fear of detection.

2. Ways must be found to stop the influx of guns into the island. X-ray equipment must be installed in the Customs Department and at all ports of entry, and increased surveillance of our coastal waters by air and sea patrol effected. Use of metal detectors could be effective in some situations.

3. Bring back the cat-o-nine, and don't be deterred by the bleating of bleeding hearts. Give them a good flogging followed by a shortened period of detention. I feel this will be an even more effective deterrent than hanging.