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Negril-to-Lucea route hit by ‘robot’ taxis, ‘licky-licky’ police

Published:Saturday | May 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Concerned Legal Taxi Operators

My fellow taxi operators and I who ply the Lucea to Negril route are being victimised by officers who have sworn to uphold the law. These officers allow 'robot' taxi operators to get by without being charged for obvious traffic offences.

I have seen several instances where unlicensed taxi operators have been caught in speed traps and not stopped. On the rare occasions when they are stopped, they are seen on the road again by the very next day. Now, these operators are being pardoned.

Robot taxis are very visible on the route. They can often be found in the car/bus park. Others may be found in front of the Lucea Transportation Centre. They are in plain view of the police. Why is it that the Lucea traffic cops continue to turn a blind eye to these violations? This is not fair to lawful taxi operators who spend a lot of money to ensure that their vehicles are being operated within the law.

Some police personnel in Negril have as their sole focus speeding infractions. Is this because they can get money from taxi operators who do not wish to get a ticket for speeding? Some personnel are very 'licky-licky'.

Legal taxi operators on this route are becoming increasingly frustrated. It is not fair that those of us who are trying to operate our taxis lawfully are being treated worse than robot taxi operators.

Taxi operators from the Lucea (Hanover) and Westmoreland taxi associations need the police commissioner to address this situation. We would like to see the return of Corporal Atkinson to the Lucea area and Sergeant Hall to the Negril area.

The police commissioner needs to investigate the traffic departments in Lucea and Negril.