Tue | Feb 20, 2018

Put faith in God, Iris

Published:Monday | May 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM


As I sat and read Iris Bailey's article 'An orphan in 13 days, I'm still gonna make Mommy proud' (Gleaner, May 7, 2016), it brought back some memories of my own 16 years ago when I became an orphan - my parents dying hours apart amid a domestic dispute. At that moment, I felt that my life had ended. Everything took a drastic turn. My life was upside down. This incident occurred months before I started high school.

I had to go through a rough patch and learnt how to weather the storm from a young age. I was exposed to all types of abuse, but I endured.

Iris Bailey, one thing I know for sure is that whenever anyone trusts God, He never fails. Put your trust in Him. He promised in His Word to look out for orphans like us. Work hard and make your parents proud. Excel above all odds, especially when people doubt you.