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Bad cops making farce of force

Published:Wednesday | May 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Police Commissioner Carl Williams should know of the existence of a small subgroup in the force which I call the Jamaica Constabulary 'Farce'. Both groups are identical in appearance, but one serves no useful purpose and he needs to identify that group and discard them. They give the force a bad name because of their unprofessional conduct.

They are the bad eggs spoiling the basket of good ones. They lower the morale of the police and cause the public to lose trust and confidence in an otherwise respectable organisation with a long history of serving and protecting. Crime can never be controlled by a force in which the public has no confidence.

Providing transport is unaffordable and impractical owing to police personnel's diverse places of residence. I recall in the days when the Jamaica Omnibus Service was in operation, police personnel would travel standing at the front section of the buses. The present JUTC service could be used in the same manner. In the rural areas, similar arrangements could be made. One advantage is that it could make the buses safer and curb rowdy behaviour.

Observing the behaviour of some police personnel on duty, it is obvious that their training is inadequate. On the few occasions I have had to make a report to a station, some find it difficult to write a sensible statement or report. One just has to listen to reports on the news given by the police that all sound as though they read from a template where they fill in the blanks.

A hundred years ago, a policeman spent in the region of five months at 'training depot' in the barracks at Spanish Town before passing out as a constable. In spite of the vast increase in knowledge since, the training period does not correspond to the requirements of today. Maybe this is where the reform of the police force should begin.