Wed | Sep 19, 2018

Kill Jamaican terrorists and their families

Published:Wednesday | May 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM


As a Jamaican residing overseas and reading the news of events happening back home, it is utterly shocking and disappointing. The senseless terror that so many Jamaicans have to suffer is simply unjustifiable. There is no excuse for this level of criminality.

I would argue they are not criminals; they are terrorists. I see no redemption or rehabilitation for the people who are engaging in these criminal actions. The only solution is for the police to engage in a ruthless elimination of these terrorist elements.

The new president of the Philippines took a violent city and wiped out the criminals. Today, the city is the most prosperous and safe of the Philippines. He endorsed extra-judicial killings as the only way to get rid of the criminals.

Jamaica's criminals have terrorised neighbours, tourists and overseas investors. They have robbed the country of economic growth and, most important, of hope. There is no future to this country if criminality exists at this level.

I understand the concerns of human-rights groups. However, it is time to uproot the terrorists, destroy their networks, and eradicate them. To the mothers sheltering their terrorist sons, the siblings and the community, you are part of the problem.

The terrorists should have no rights; they have robbed so many of rights, and they have caused untold horror and pain to so many. Their reign has inflicted untold harm to the most vulnerable Jamaicans.

You find them, kill them. You find their houses, destroy them. You find where those who support them live, kill them and destroy their houses.

Extra-judicial killings and ruthlessness against criminals brought peace and safety to the most violent city in Philippines. Now it is time for Jamaica to embark on this path against our local terrorists.

Nothing has worked. This is our last hope.