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Letter of the Day | Identity: gender, sex, genus

Published:Wednesday | May 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM


While I am aware that how a person feels about self is hugely important psychologically, it seems to me that in light of psychological maladies such as delusion, psychosis, neurosis, etc., a responsible community cannot, without more (as the lawyers would say), give practical and legal preference to 'how one feels' over against 'how/who one is'.

So one is, by standard scientific criteria based on chromosomes, male (sexual identity), but feels (psychologically) female (gender identity). Which identity should society take as the given?

If one feels like a fried egg (sunny side up), nobody indulges that delusion by making a large plate and allowing the person to sit in it with or without bread beside him. God, no; if we care enough, we provide therapy because the person is not well.

Might we in modern society be too indulgent by allowing transgender persons (an incontestable psychological designation) to use the restroom of their choice based on how they feel about themselves? And we pass laws justifying this?

How is a transgender person discriminated against if required to use the restroom of that one's gender or sex at birth?

Last Sunday morning, I arrived early to preach at a church and needed to use the restroom, but learned that the male restroom was not yet opened. While the members there were wondering about who had the keys, I asked if the ladies' restroom was open and suggested (nay, insisted) that I be allowed to use it since it was open and no female was in it. Despite my mature bladder, I could not have insisted, nor would I suggest, using the female restroom if and while any female was in it.

As a thought experiment, what if a person (thus incontestably of the genus/species Homo sapiens) decides to argue for the designation of being trans genus (a weird coinage, I know, but bear with me in a little folly) because he feels more canine than human. What then?

Is modern man degenerating from Homo sapiens to Homo saps (my non-Latin coinage again in folly)?