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Need for PNP renewal

Published:Thursday | May 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Recently, Robert Dalley wrote an interesting letter to this newspaper suggesting to former People's National Party (PNP) minister of national security Peter Bunting that he organizes to offer himself for the position of PNP president when Portia Simpson Miller demits office. I fully agree with the writer.

Bunting would be the ideal person to be the party's next president and his long-standing political experience dating back to 1993 would have prepared him well. He is a tireless worker, a pragmatic political thinker and organiser with excellent managerial and political skills which would allow him to be a successful party president and quickly unite the party.

Never before as a party member of 40ears standing have I seen the party in such chaos, disorganisation and cass cass losing the last general elections in a shameful and shocking manner; the failure of Mrs. Simpson Miller as then Prime Minister to nationally debate then opposition leader Holness and the silly way in which the PNP targeted Mr.Holness' house. The PNP miserably failed to present any structured economic development plan to the country while the JLP presented an outstanding economic development plan for Jamaica encompassing the $1.5 million tax free plan.

Peter Phillips as campaign director did a poor, dismal and shameful job during the general election campaign period and must accept his part in contributing to the party's loss at the polls. Phillips would have a difficult time beating Andrew Holness at the next general elections, however, Peter Bunting would stand an excellent chance of winning the elections going up against Holness. Phillips is an outstanding political administrator, technocrat and former cabinet minister but not a popular PNP politician at all and would not be the most suitable person to lead the PNP in these unfolding and evolving political times in Jamaica.

There is the need for party renewal within the PNP, amending the party's constitution to implement terms limits for the positions of vice presidents, general secretary and party president as Bunting suggested recently at a public forum.

I implore the party president to do the decent, respectable and needed thing and not offer herself come September at the party's annual conference for the job of party president and announce forthwith this intention.

Frank Manborde,

Former PNP Councilor and PNP Member