Sun | Jan 21, 2018

PNP, Will it remain socialist or go capitalist?

Published:Thursday | May 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM


From all indications, the capitalists within the People's National Party have seemingly started campaigning for the imminent leadership battle. Knowing Dr. Omar Davies will sooner than later bow out of representational politics, Senator Mark Golding is obviously the one he is preparing to hand over the crown to, as he is very visible more than before in the constituency of South St. Andrew. If a leadership battle should come to light now, Dr. Davies would likely support his long time colleague and friend, Dr. Peter Phillips. However, if it should happen when he is out, he would want to know that whosoever his successor is, will also support the person he would. What is seemingly unclear to many though, is the fact that bringing Senator Golding in representational politics is actually ramping up some more support for his long time business partner, Peter Bunting.

With all that said, will the Capitalist Gang get control of the PNP or will it go back to the base on which the party was built and have it remain a socialist party? If at the starting line it is the Peters, then it is very clear what the outcome will be. Bunting the Capitalist has a true personality that no one, except those like him, will be able to tolerate. Those who are like him are the very minority within the PNP. Phillips the Socialist is someone with enormous amount of political experience, knowledge, good track record and the right skillset it requires to rebuild the PNP and put it back on the original track.

Going back to the roots, ideologies and tenets of the PNP will not be an easy task. The PNP needs someone who commands the respect of its majority and the right ideas to do the rebuilding. Whenever Portia Simpson Miller decides to go, the party must not be fooled. Dr. Peter David Phillips is the man for the top job.