Sun | Feb 25, 2018

Protect kids in war against family values

Published:Monday | May 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM


We see societal values deteriorating rapidly and we must remember that values can uplift or degrade any society. We must forsake the debauchery that is plaguing the earth and live with the dignity that Almighty God has accorded us as human beings "made in His image".

This is the time to have serious discussions in our homes about what society deems as acceptable versus what we do not embrace as our own family values.

These are times for definitive parenting, when we should have age-appropriate talks with our children about gender identity in the face of the myriad of sexual identities chosen like options on a menu; drug addiction; and the importance of respecting life - in view of the high number of murders.

Some schools in other countries are indoctrinating young people, in the name of tolerance/diversity, that certain behaviours are merely alternative lifestyles and perfectly natural. In the ever-widening environment where these are acceptable practices, our children could become desensitised and unwittingly adopt a lifestyle they could regret later.

Let us speak to our children about drug and alcohol dependency so they can be aware of the horrors and degradation that accompany substance abuse. It is better that they learn the stark realities in the home rather than be lured on the streets by unscrupulous persons. Prevention taught in the home is better than rehabilitation afterwards, and which often proves ineffective, with high rates of recidivism.

There is still place for our girls to be ladies and our boys to be gentlemen. We need to instill in our children the importance of family life and how it will positively carry over into adulthood.

This is no time for political correctness that shackles real dialogue with our children, but time for vigilance with radical solutions for radical problems that are shaking society to the core.


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