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Letter to the Day | To Serve, Protect, and Reassure - but whom?

Published:Wednesday | May 18, 2016 | 12:10 AM


Who do the police protect? Whose interests do they serve? And who are the recipients of this reassurance which they allegedly swear to give?

I write to highlight two such incidents as they relate to our bastion of protection, service and reassurance located at Matilda's Corner.

1. A few months ago, a driver of a blue-green Nissan van performed a fantastic demolition job on my gate, gate posts, fencing, together with an adjacent JPS utility pole. He spun around and 'rimmed' his car back up the road in the Matilda's Corner direction. A few days later, two employees of mine independently reported that they had seen a van fitting the above description in the area of the Matilda's Corner Police Station.

The following day when I visited the station, it was missing.

I enquired of the officers on duty if they could assist me with my investigation. When I informed them that I was not the one who had seen the vehicle on the compound, I was REASSURED that "I therefore had no proof that it was ever there" and was summarily dismissed.

2. On Sunday, May 1, I was summoned to the scene of an accident involving one of my employees who had been hit from his motorbike.

The officer at the scene of the accident, Sergeant Barnes, was very professional in all of his actions and informed me that the bike, as well as the motor car, would have to be taken to the police station, where they would be kept for examination.

On Thursday, May 5, I visited said station to collect the bike, only to be informed that the promised examination had not yet been performed. No definite date could be predicted for this, but I was REASSURED that the bike was safe and also REASSURED that I would be called as soon as this was done.




Having not received the promised call, on Tuesday, May 10, a visit to the station revealed that wires on the bike had been cut and that the battery had been STOLEN. No information was forthcoming as to how and when this had happened, and all this while under the PROTECTION of the members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force at the station. We were REASSURED, however, that investigations would be performed.

Having still not received any word on the matter, we visited the station again on Thursday, May 12, only to be informed at that time that the entire bike had been stolen!

Not one cop could offer any plausible explanation for the poor SERVICE, or lack of PROTECTION of my property.

It is now Monday, May 16, and I am yet to hear from anyone on the matter.

Criminals are PROTECTED. Members of the force who knowingly, or through gross negligence, may have aided these criminals are REASSURED that their jobs are secure. Law-abiding citizens are SERVED a lot of crap.


Kidz Klinik

El Shaddai Medical Centre