Tue | Aug 22, 2017

Local TV stations found wanting

Published:Wednesday | May 18, 2016 | 5:11 AM


The two local television stations in Jamaica are not catering to the vast majority of Jamaicans. Apart from the news, sports and weather, what is there to watch?

Not all of us can afford cable television. These two local stations should try to give the viewers something to look forward to in terms of entertainment and education.

Why we can't have some good Jamaican comedies like the Ity and Fancy Cat Show, Hopeful Village or Oliver at Large, or some good Jamaican documentaries such as The Yardies, Blood and Fire, or some good Jamaican movies such as Third World Cop and Dancehall Queen?

Our local television stations need to rethink their position on programming. Minimise the airing foreign programmes and develop meaningful and sustainable local fare. Maybe we need a new TV station that will implement programmes along these lines.