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Government cowardice prevails

Published:Thursday | May 19, 2016 | 12:20 AM


Holy Scripture teaches’ “No man who sets his hand to the plough and looks to what was left behind is fit for the kingdom ...” ­ St Luke 9:62.
Prime Minister Andrew Holness, from all indications, seems to lack the confidence to take on the leadership of the Government and assert himself as the man who leads a team of educated people. Some of his team members, including himself, have graduate degrees in Business and Development, Strategic Studies ­ Christopher Tufton is at the doctoral level, Mrs Holness is a highly respected in the accounting field, and there are others in medicine and law. In addition, Jamaica has a civil service that is one of the most competent in the Caribbean region.
The country is experiencing some of the most serious economic challenges, and it is his responsibility to face them and implement viable measures to overcome the difficulties.. The prime minister must also be reminded that these problems are of our making, and the solutions will have to be worked out right here in Jamaica.
This country was colonised because it has a wealth of resources to be exploited. The social and economic potential is dormant because people will not take the initiative. People are reluctant because politicians have imposed various legislative measures that punish local investors who succeed.
Nevertheless, this is a young nation, and while the prime minister seems to be pinning his hope in moving the country ahead with the help of India, one must ask, why India? India faces similar challenges, and furthermore, it gained its independence in 1947 ­ less than two decades before Jamaica.
Jamaica is an independent, sovereign nation. It is time that our political leaders cease seeking help from outsiders to do what we can do for ourselves. Let’s be reminded of the adage, “Beg water cannot boil cow head !” It is time to rid Jamaica of the mentality of dependence. Andrew is the man to bear the mantle of self-reliance.
Marcus Garvey said, “The Negro needs a nation and a country of his own, where he can show evidence of his ability in the art of human progress.” Black Nationalism, (1962)
Glen George Wilson
St Elizabeth