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Tracey talking trash on Man U cancellation

Published:Saturday | May 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Please allow me space to contradict the bile spewed forth by Oral Tracey on the programme Sports Commentary on May 17, 2016.

After recounting with the usual pompous and trite attempt at humour, Mr Tracey recounts the recent cancellation of the football match between English Premier League (EPL) clubs Manchester United and Bournemouth, which should have been played on Sunday, May 15, but was put off because of the discovery of what turned out to be a dummy bomb.

Mr Tracey then attempts at an hypothetical analogy which fails miserably! He opines that were it a World Cup Qualifier football match in Jamaica, the general consensus would have been that the football federation et al would have been deemed as backward and persons would not just be "laughing" about the cancellation. He terms it "double standard".

Where do we start to dissect this garbage spewed forth by Mr Tracey? The game involving Manchester United and Bournemouth was an EPL match of minimal significance and would only acquire significance to Manchester United if their rivals Manchester City lost at Swansea on the same day of the original match. But so what if the game was of more significance? In my book, human lives are worth far more than any football match. Period.

Who would be chiding the JFF if it had cancelled any football match because of a perceived bomb threat? Whether that match be World Cup Qualifier or not, given the pervasive danger of terrorist threats worldwide, I would suspect that no one - barring the idiotic utterances of Mr Tracey, notwithstanding.

Such invectives would only spring forth from the mind and mouth of a person craving controversy to supply show material for a 'sports commentary'.