Sun | Jan 21, 2018

We want clarity from Reid

Published:Saturday | May 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Minister Ruel Reid's pronouncements are often unclear. For example, I am uncertain of his final ruling on auxiliary fees. Have the fees been abolished, or are parents encouraged to make voluntary contributions to their children's schools? Will these non-mandatory payments replace, or be added to, the Government's subvention to the schools?

If the parents' contribution is optional, naturally, many persons, especially in light of the current economic milieu, will opt not to subscribe.

Any extraneous school funding must be definite. Administrators certainly cannot budget on anticipated windfalls.

On another note, it would be widely appreciated if political discussions on all subjects are translated into the everyday language of most Jamaicans. If this is not feasible or too cumbersome, could the jargon used in Parliament be explained so that more citizens can engage in, or, at the very least, understand the national conversations?

Call me a 'dunce bat' if you wish, but it took me some time to understand the term 'threshold'. Do not be surprised if you hear a layman using this very term with remarkable facility. Believe me, underlying his seeming wit is plain ignorance of the term's actual meaning.

Frankly, I feel that the vague communication from our parliamentarians may be used to veil their chicanery and reneged promises.

We can no longer ingest a diet of dishonesty and ambiguities. Also, we should no longer preclude the masses from our national dialogue. Let us heed Aaron Neville's admonition to 'tell it like it is'.


St Catherine