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Thwaites reeks of political hypocrisy

Published:Tuesday | May 24, 2016 | 12:00 AM


If we were to follow Ronald Thwaites, one would think that the opposition side of Parliament now occupied by People's National Party (PNP) members is like a Catholic church where no wrongdoing takes place.

Mr Thwaites, in his Monday opinion piece published in The Gleaner ('After all this, what?'), made much about the political punches being thrown in the Parliament, but only pointing to those being thrown by members on the government benches. This is what I call hypocrisy!

Somebody should remind Mr Thwaites that no so long ago, his colleagues were doing the same with its 21-seat majority. In fact, if Mr Thwaites is trying to preach to anybody about parliamentary conduct, he should perhaps invite Natalie Neita-Headley as close as possible to his mouth, because she is the loudest and most annoying member in the host. Sometimes I wonder if she realises that there are actually people watching and listening to the feed.

Perhaps Mr Thwaites' should point out that there are members on the opposition benches who are always glued to the phone and pay little or no attention to the House proceedings. His incomplete observation of the proceedings erodes the credibility of his op-ed and also him as a person.

I would suggest to Mr Thwaites to relax and not get too worked up about parliamentary 'annoyances'. Jeering, crosstalk and distraction are part of the process in every Parliament; Jamaica is no different. Besides, who wants to watch a boring Parliament?