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McNeill's shoes too big for Bartlett

Published:Wednesday | May 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM


During Dr Wykeham McNeill's tenure as tourism minister in the Simpson Miller administration, he did an outstanding job, with increased yearly tourism arrivals. The Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) was managed in a professional manner, always giving value for taxpayers' money.

The Jamaica Tourist Board made positive inroads in marketing Jamaica in non-traditional sources of visitors, and several upgrades were effected to infrastructure in resort towns. Community tourism was also actively promoted by then Minister McNeill.

Under the previous Jamaica Labour Party government between 2007-2012, the TEF was irresponsibly used for all sorts of constituency projects in western Jamaica and for funding various privately operated music festivals, which was wrong and a breach of mandate.

Without a doubt, McNeill worked assiduously to improve Jamaica's tourist industry and presided over a significant increase in arrivals. Dr McNeill renovated the Harbour Street craft market and undertook improvement works to the town of Negril.

tourism minister

When Edmund Bartlett served as tourism minister under the Golding administration, he ignored the plethora of problems within the tourism resort towns, which was an indictment on his leadership.

Does Bartlett understand the importance of expanding the Montego Bay Freeport cruise ship pier? Will he ensure that the TEF is used for improving the tourism product and resort towns?

Currently, the city of Montego Bay is in a deplorable, filthy state and requires the attention of Minister Bartlett and Mayor Glendon Harris. Are you sleeping, Minister Bartlett?

Minister Bartlett has stated that the tourism courtesy officers should be given powers of arrest. Doesn't Minister Bartlett know that every citizen has powers of arrest under the Jamaican Constitution?


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