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Letter of the Day | Questions about the 'UNICEF Teacher Training Manual'

Published:Thursday | May 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM


It is interesting to realise that under the last administration, a manual entitled - UNICEF Teacher Training Manual - Places of Safety Curriculum Guide was developed. A section of the manual is entitled 'Sex and Sexuality'. An examination of this section shows that it is similar to the manual that Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) tried to introduce in children's homes. This effort by JFJ was soundly rejected by a wide cross section of Jamaicans who viewed that manual as an attempt at sexual grooming. This new UNICEF manual speaks to "coming out", being transgender, negotiating with a sexual partner, and the six types of sexual orientation.

The former minister of youth and culture, Ms Lisa Hanna, and former minister of education, the Reverend Ronald Thwaites, need to explain the reason for the acceptance of this UNICEF manual and the then rejection of JFJ's manual. Answers are required from the former ministers based on the similarity of both manuals. Was the acceptance of the manual based on any grants given to the Government by UNICEF? We call for honesty and transparency on this issue. Perhaps UNICEF can also let us know what process was undertaken for it to obtain approval of this manual.

Based on news reports, this manual is already being used in children's homes. Why are the children in state care being used as guinea pigs? These children are quite vulnerable and should not be used in any experiment being done by UNICEF or the Government of Jamaica. Was there any attempt to obtain approval from the parents or caregivers of these children before they were exposed to the content of the UNICEF manual? We commend the new minister of education for ordering a review of the UNICEF manual and the other learning material associated with the manual. We also ask that its use in children's homes be suspended until the review is completed.


The Ministry of Education as it reviews the UNICEF Manual should realise that the homosexual agenda is a progressive one. This agenda does not stop at mere acceptance: its ultimate aim is the silencing of any opposing views. We need to just look at the discussion taking place in the USA on the use of bathrooms. It is has reached a point where leaders are issuing instructions that administrators in high schools should allow children to use bathrooms which relate to their sexual identity. This means if a girls feels like a boy one morning, she has the right to go to school and use the bathroom designated for boys.

TARGET, a major store in the USA has also stated that its shoppers can use any bathroom which corresponds with their sexual identity as opposed to their biological gender. This policy is already creating havoc in the USA as perverts, peeping Toms and mentally disturbed individuals have had to be chased from female bathrooms. Can you imagine the confusion in our local schools if we attempt to implement such a bathroom policy?

We eagerly await the results of the review on this UNICEF manual and a response from the former ministers as to the reasons the manual was originally approved. The Jamaica Teachers' Association also needs to take a stance on this issue as it not far-fetched to see its members being forced to teach from this manual under the threat of sanction.

Marsha Thomas